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Chau Yih Shin Co. Ltd. (Microntec) is more than 2 decades old company specialized in OEM Deep Hole Drilling production and Professional Deep Hole Drilling Machine Made-to Measure, in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. The standard Meehanite-cast iron and precision manual scraped V are used for making working table, column and basement of entire line of machinery. Our array of Four Drilling Spindles Center Hole Drilling Machine-CNC, Multi-Drilling Spindles Center Hole Boring Machine, Precision Small Center Hole Speedy Drill Machine-CNC and more, is applicable in the production of metal components, medical equipment components, machine components, aerospace components, motorbike transmission shafts, bicycle transmission shafts, hydraulic cylinder, barrel, oil tub, and much more.


  • 1991: Metal parts drill machining service to domestic customers.

  • 1995: Successfully designed and developed Drilling Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine of OEM brand Microntec

  • 1996: Successfully developed CNC multi-spindle drilling machine and CNC deep hole drilling machine, OEM designed CNC deep hole drilling machine for special purpose.

  • 2000: Successfully developed heavy duty CNC BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine.

  • 2006: Developed different models and added more features into deep hole drilling machines to allow execution of complex manufacturing processes, for instance double drilling spindle 2X2, single drilling spindle, three drilling spindle 3X3, six drilling spindle 6X6, four drilling spindle 4X4, etc..

  • 2010: Successfully developed Rapid core stay drill (core drill) deep hole drilling machine.

  • 2012 ~ 2016: Continued to innovate to create a range of CNC deep hole drilling machine, functional and multi-features deep hole drilling and column moving Deep hole drilling processing machines, one drilling spindle, twin drilling spindles, microntec deep hole drilling machine; apt for selling in worldwide markets, including India, China, Canada, Asia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Portland, North America, New Zealand, Turkey and so on.

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Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

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Original Equipment Manufacturer


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Taichung, Taichung Shih (Taiwan)